Thread 19 – Major Cost Saving

Reading the previous 18 threads provides many reasons to want to live in a Renata city. There are a variety of environmental issues like healthy walking in cleaner air, and numerous contributions to a better quality of life, but the most tangible benefit might be saving money.

Obvious money savers;

In a Renata city much less than half of the regular streets are needed, no traffic lights are required, and we have no expensive collector or arterial roads. With shorter distances in the city we save on water, sewer, electrical, and communication lines. High rises of 14 to 20 stories are cheaper per square foot than lower buildings.

 Cost benefits for business

  • Less land required
  • No parking to supply
  • Free transport inside a Renata city brings customers & helps residents
  • Stores like Walmart will want to be here and for many people it will become a destination shopping place because it’s all accessible under one roof. You can take your shopping cart anywhere in the city; walking or subway.

Other benefits:

  • Unlike a bedroom community we will have extensive amenities.
  • Amenities like hotels, offices, retail, schools, doctors, dentists, social services, sports facilities, parks, senior’s facilities, and daycare facilities provide jobs.
  • Having an integrated community helps to reduce taxes for residents by having higher tax rates on commercial entities.
  • Free local transportation and cheaper living space makes a McDonalds job a viable and respectable living possibility even for a married couple.

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