Thread 15 – A unique city; a great place to live

Renata has walking, cycling, and subway within a high density city; and without cars. It is excellent for the poor, the elderly, students, the working class, the middle class, the wealthy, and for the disadvantaged. It will be a vibrant, energetic community with close outdoor access. There are so many good reasons – like a small, folksy city, good mobility, low cost living, and focusing on sustainability. A small city with police who walk and cycle; and pedestrians providing “eyes on the street” gives the best, and most economical, security.

Although low wage earners are essential in the service industry, they are not usually accommodated properly into a city plan. Providing free subway transportation to local jobs, schools, and recreation we will make a generous step to a better quality of life. And good mobility offers more leisure and family time.

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