Thread 17 – An Elevator: up, down, or sideways

The vertical elevator changed the economic and design formulas for urban architecture.  Here we look at the merits of a “Horizontal Elevator”.  It provides a way to bring people and business closer together.

We propose an integrated city that is centered on a subway.  In new developments it will allow density; and yet retain openness.  This is a major change of vision toward cities; away from traffic congestion.

  • So how will it change the way cities do business?

Today daily shoppers and business patrons will only walk, on average, about 300 meters from a parking space.  This Renata concept stretches ‘Pedestrian Access Distance’ and offers a new urban model.

An alternative to Urban Sprawl:   Renata will provide daily visitors with a one-stop-shopping & a relaxing experience, and offer residents little reason to leave.

What’s Unique about it:  With high rises instead of sprawl everyone is very close to the subway.  Absolutely no cars to interfere with walking & cycling

And; copious parks & recreation areas

 You will appreciate walking without the hazard, noise, and pollution of cars

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