Modern cities – Seeking change

Transportation must improve. We can’t afford the increasing costs, and the degradation of our environment. Incremental steps help some, but we will never make significant gains by sidestepping the real issue. That is; our cities are not suitably designed for public transport. We have a grid design that hasn’t changed in millennia.

We need another concept for today’s changing world. Not for everyone, just for those who desire change. The Renata concept allows many benefits. The physical convenience is obvious, and the social comfort shows with closer scrutiny.

Our city will have a finite boundary with a population to match the efficiency of the subway. We build the subway before we build the city instead of after. This concept is a fresh start. These parameters provide a very much improved community, with better health and environment. We will have more choices with walkability, close parks, close subway, close services, easier policing, abundant social areas, and it can all be done cheaper with lower taxes. A modern city;  warm and efficient.

The Renata design concepts are available for a royalty of 1% of expenditures. Be an early adopter.