Modern cities – Seeking change

Let History Explain how walking serves us.

Renata 4k; An exciting community of 4,000 people expressing a vision of the future based on a concept of historic mobility.

The 4k concept is about going back in time where walking was the primary transport. It is as simple as providing our daily needs and quality living within a small area. With parking on the periphery, cars are convenient without being intrusive. Freight can be distributed in underground corridors to eliminate conflict with walking. Public transport outside our community is at one stop for everyone.

 An exciting community of 4,000

  • Get your family out of the house, off the digital world, and involved in outdoor activities.
  • Engage with neighbors, enjoy sports, and think healthy.
  • High-rises replacing sprawl, reduces roads & servicing costs.
  • Walkability needs high rises, because density reduces distance.
  • Roof parks are a quieter area.
  • Statistically, this is a densely populated community, but the wide street and big sports park provide a feeling of openness.
  • It’s quieter too, and the air is cleaner.

A new and exciting Renata concept with inside walking & outside parking. Looks great, feels great, and conveys freedom. Communities are most warm and attractive when they’re walkable. Renata 4k is walkable, bikeable, and sociable.

The Renata 4k design concept is available for a royalty of 1% of overall expenditures.


Why can’t transportation change? Do we really know all we should?

There is, of course, little to change if we focus on the cities we have. A new paradigm will require changing our fundamental vision of urban transportation. The new ideas will not be an overnight switch, but an evolution. New places will be designed around transportation instead of transportation being an afterthought. The new concept will provide a base for the incubation of a broader transportation network that will eventually cover most of the industrial world.

You can be part of the Renata evolution.     More info: qikitben at gmail.com

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