Modern cities – Seeking change

To be truly modern, a community must be ‘walkable’, and that requires no motorized vehicles at ground level. Public transport and freight delivery will be segregated below ground. (see video)

Transportation is #1, and central to our life.         So what works best?

Elevators in high-rises are efficient for the initial gathering to street level. Next is a wide street for walking without conflict from vehicles, and, tall buildings keep ground distances to a minimum. All buildings should be within 300 m of a subway stop.

This city doesn’t grow beyond 20,000, but similar cities will grow adjacent to it, each with their own theme and character. Small cities have many advantages over larger centers, a focus on walking, energy efficiency, wide streets and plazas, covered winter walkways, free subway, live without a car, user friendly parks and recreation, easier policing and emergency services.

A modern city;  warm and effective.