Renata – Research for Change

To be truly modern, a community must be ‘walkable’, and that requires no motorized vehicles at ground level. Public transport and freight delivery will be segregated below ground. (see video)

Renata proposes a satellite city with a population of 20,000 people. It will be semi-autonomous in terms of police, schools, extensive retail, parks and recreation, social services, health services, gardens, and business offices. The cost effective public transport is electric powered subway cars with rubber tires running on cement. Practicality will demand a linear city of high-rises positioned to best utilize the subway. This layout will also provide the best access and utility of gardens alongside the buildings on one side, and outdoor sporting facilities, parks, and recreation on the other side.

One end of our subway will terminate on an LRT line of a major city. As a satellite of a major city on a small piece of land with its own police force, fire, and emergency service, Renata will benefit from, and be a benefit to, the big sister next door.

A beautiful, small, inclusive, & integrated modern city.